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10 Unknown but Awesome Apps for Tinkerers

Light Flow
Set custom LED notifications for apps. Among other things, it has the ability to change the colour and frequency of flashing.

Advanced automation. Huge amount of sensors and actions.

Easy to use automation. Many third party plugins.

Battery Left
Approximation of battery level and time left.

Device tracker. Remotely control from the internet.

NFC Task Launcher
Create and act upon NFC tags. Has plugin for Tasker.

Unified Remote
Control a computer over a network. Wide range of remotes, including Spotify, mouse, keyboard and Tellstick.

Remote Stick
Control almost any remote-control plug socket with your Android. Has plugin for Tasker and Locale.

Play SNES games on your Android.

Sixaxis Controller
Allows you to control your Android with a Playstation 3 controller. Perfect for SNESDroid.

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