galaxy_nexus_2013-1-24-12-42-5This is my review of OneLouder’s app, 1Weather.
Upon the first boot of this app, it searches for your precise location and sets it. Certainly a very nice feature,instead of manually searching for your specific location. They do have the option to add more locations as well, if you would like to see how the local weather is, where your loved ones/friends are. It also has another nice feature of displaying random weather facts whenever you launch the app. Great way to impress everybody and look smart at the same time!galaxy_nexus_2013-1-24-12-39-4
There are many features included with this app, which give the user complete control. Some of the features include:

  • Real time weather and forecasts
  • Extended forecasts (10 day)
  • 36 hour/7 day forecast displayed in graphical form,showing temperature change/precipitation
  • Severe weather warnings
  • 7 day precipitation forecast
  • Local radar
  • Sunrise, sunset and lunar stage information
  • Overall beautiful UI throughout
  • Temperature,location and condition in status-bar
  • Three sizes of widgets (2×2), (4×1) and (4×2)
  • Weather facts

Overall, I am very satisfied with 1Weather. It updates when it’s supposed to and is very responsive! This app does support ads, but you can upgrade to Pro for only $1.99. It’s always a nice gesture to help support developers, but the ads aren’t really much of a bother for me, personally. This is certainly an amazingly beautiful weather app to check out! Major props to the OneLouder development team.
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