Virtual Reality Is Going Somewhere

The floor is shaking with all these innovative-less-than-5-year-ideas soon to take off in both “Internet of Things” and “Virtual Reality”. We’re on an awesome collision course, we’re definitely going places.

Connecting all of these techs visually would require a visual aid that would
ergonomically fit and displace us from the real world into the Virtual Reality world, it’s not the first time some of us saw those headgears, this tech visited us many times in the past (another article would be written on this), in the meantime, here are

5 Leading Headgears of Virtual Reality

Facebook’s Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift

Facebook's Virtual Reality
Facebook’s Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift is the kickstarter project that was bought out by Facebook in July 2014, In my personal view, Facebook is currently numero uno when it comes to viral marketing their VR tech (yes that includes the heaps of Oculus Rift Reaction videos) So when you say VR everyone else says Oculus.
Current Price: Whispers of a retail price of $250 is going around and ATM Developers can pay $350 to help Zuckerberg propagate more sell-able content for Oculus-Rift, the world of tech is ruthless.

 HTC’s Virtual Reality – Vive

HTC Vive Virtual Reality
HTC Vive Virtual Reality

It kind of resembles a Japanese Mech driver’s headgear, it’s packed with no less than 70 sensors and it’s latency is 90hZm, they are also bundling a Context Aware Controller with it.
Current Price: $TBD

Sony’s Virtual Reality – Morpheus

Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality
Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality

Sony has it’s Launch date set, GDC 2016 (March 14th), and the secret ingredient here is Hertzes, this headset is running @ 120hZ streaming images twice as smooth than Oculus and 33% smoother than HTC’s Vive.
Current Price: $TBD

Samsung’s Virtual Reality – Gear VR

Samsung's Gear VR Virtual Reality
Samsung’s Gear VR Virtual Reality

You’ll be using Samsung’s Note4 or S6 device to stream VR into a super AMOLED display. They have an all-ready gaming VR marketplace called MilkVR (only available in the US ATM), Not only is Samsung one of the most productive innovative powers in both mobile and Amoled manufacturing, they’re also looking to spearhead their market entry into the VR foray.
Current Price: $199.99

Google’s Virtual Reality – Card Board Box

Google’s Cardbox Virtual Reality

This is Google’s way of showing everyone in this market how innovation trumps greed and how Facebook shouldn’t have wasted $2bn when you users can DIY-VR with their already owned tech. The SDK is android of course, the hardware is already there (it’s not a fancy 120Hertz anistropic screen, it’s your good ‘ol smart mobile phone.)
Current Price: ~$25-45