Today I will present you a comparison of the best instant messengers for android. this post only covers those that support multiple networks.


1. IM+ ( Paid version and in-app payments available as well.


  • Both phone and tablet support.
  • Support for multiple networks
  • Send photos and voice notes(not VOIP)
  • Group chats on some networks like Skype
  • Chat History
  • Typing notifications
  • Good customization options


  • Some features require paid subscriptions but they don’t work correctly(ex:Skype)
  • Skype and perhaps others frequently disconnect without reason
  • Banner Walls can become annoying
  • If you are on a ISP restricted network the app might not work at all
  • Some notification bugs
  • Developers fix bugs very slow or not at all


2. Ebuddy(


  • Simple and good
  • Battery efficient


  • Has a good number of bugs including freezing and continuous vibration for some devices
  • Very limited selection of networks. Skype isn’t included
  • Some elements of the UI are ugly
  • If you get a blocked account on yahoo by entering a password 3 times wrong, and you fix the issue on the yahoo website, the app still can’t access the yahoo network.


Eb1 eb2



3. imo( – Editor’s Choice


  • Supports a good number of popular networks including Skype
  • Multimedia Attachments
  • Group Messaging
  • Photo Sharing
  • Very few bugs
  • Nice modern Android UI


  • A little hard to get around the UI for beginners. If you want to exit the app you should take your time, might get a little while to figure out how to do it. Here is a tip: slide finger to the right from the left edge or click the 3 lines icon near the top Messaging text after that click  “accounts online”. Click slider on top right corner. Press Home once or back button twice. However if you want to use the app again you have to go again and click the top right slider to come online again. There is no automated way to do this unfortunately.
  • No way to sort contacts based on network
  • Doesn’t permanently delete a contact. If you go on the Gmail Google Talk , you can still see the contacts you deleted.



im1 im2 im3 im4


This is it. Hopefully you decided which one of the previous instant messaging apps is best for your needs. In a future article I will go over the best apps for VOIP. Until then wish you all the best. Cheers!

Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu