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Thanks +Peter Bailey for writing this list.

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Jelly Bean Voice Command Cheat Sheet

Google doesn't seem to have released a manual with the new voice command app. So here's all the ones I've found personally and across the internet.

Note: Set your device's language to US English to unlock all the commands

"Note to self <a note>"
Will email a sound bite and text of your note

"Open webpage"
Shows a screenshot of a website with an option to open it.

"Directions to <place name>"
Shows a map with an option to get directions via Google Maps

"Text <name> <message>"
Sends a text message to person in contact list

"Set alarm for 9:00am"
Sets an alarm for specified time

"Stock <company>"
Shows stock details for a company

"Show pictures of <item>"
Shows pictures of something

"Nearest <place>"
Shows place closest by you

"What's the weather today/ tomorrow/ specific day"
Displays weather information for specified day

General information such as "How tall is Justin Bieber" or "How many cups in ml"