Future is here , definitely.Amazon’s new delivery system actually can change the whole method of international delivery between countries – I think UPS and FedEx should be scared.


If you dont unerstand what you’re seeing : Amazon develope a UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) that takes the package you have ordered from amazon’s packing factory – all the way to your house. Amazon hope these UAV will be fully active sometime in 2015 , due FAA‘s ( Federal Aviation Administration) rules.

To be honnest , im coming up with few questions :

  • how these UAV’s going to deliver me a huge computer or some extremly heavy equipment ?
  • What about really expensive orders lets say for more then thousand $ ?
  • What if some one steal the package , how can i prove i’m not the theif – without signing that i got the package there are some issues with that.

but for some small purpose as Android tablets , phones and gadgets – these little UAV can really help us – and i’m sure Amazon will think about all these issues before changing our life.

You can check amazon’s website here for more information about Prime Air. Hope you enjoy this exciting news!

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