Battery Doctor  is a free application available in App Store.

With battery doctor  you can manage your phone and save necessary time life , in few simple options :

power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more 

Battery Doctor - ModesBattery Doctor - schedule


In the saving mode we are able to  chose modes – and even add own customized modes for different purpose.

As you can see we have 3 modes coming with the App : default mode , super saving and silent mode.

Just to clarify – between default mode and super saving mode there’s more then 2 hours difference in the battery time life !!

Battery Doctor - Super saving mode


In the Schedule mode we can choose  between 3 modes : sleep mode , class mode and work mode. we are able to define specific hours for each mode , and the modes will change automatic.


Task Killer – kills tasks with one click – Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery

Battery Doctor - save powerBattery Doctor - optimize now


The Task killer – is the most useful and easiest tool to use.

By clicking “Save Power” – the app will diagnose issues in the phone , and let us optimize it.while optimizing, battery doctor cancel apps , documents we don’t use at this moment , etc.

and again , just to clarify , look at the picture below and see how i saved 97 minutes with the task killer.

Battery Doctor - optimize


In summary – Battery doctor is a simple , free application which really helps to the battery time life.i know this application for about 6 months – and since then battery doctor pop-up every time i open my Galaxy.


Hope you enjoy ,

Yoni Spector


    • Hey norman
      can you explain me the problem?
      from my knowledge – if you set it to the super saving mode..thats how it stays

  1. This app has a fine and slick surface, but…. its a hocs… at least in Galaxy Note 2.
    It claims that it kills tha apps, set in your pref., but its dosnt.
    Its easy to tjek: Load a lot off apps, and leave the screen dark for 5 min. When you turn it on again, it tells you it have killed x number of your apps, saving x minutes…
    When I tjek what apps are running(program-manager), they are all still there…!!

  2. If I use the “save power, tap to diagnose” I get “power hog apps” …
    If I “clean up” for instance whatsapp or facebook messenger, do I still get notifications when someone send me a message?

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