BitTorrent for Android is a free fully featured torrent client being a mobile version of the popular desktop client.

It supports a wide set of features such as having no speed limits, ability to download on Wi-Fi only, play media, RSS subscribe and a couple of more. Unfortunately it doesn’t support seem to support magnet links which are better when it comes to anonymity.

The UI is nice and very fast. Downloading works very fine, you can resume it at any time. From the Settings menu you can choose to limit upload or download speeds.  If you’re downloading media a pic will be shown with the content. Or you can just search on the web for content from the app. Unfortunately the interface for this isn’t actually suited for the search task and it feels very clumsy.

If you are a torrent user on PC this app will certainly become useful for you when you’re on the road. Or you can try BitTorrent Remote and control your PC downloads directly from your phone.

Hope you liked this short review and remember only legal content ;) . Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu


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