Do you happen to get those annoying jokes from private numbers or do you have someone who is stalking you? Perhaps you just want  to maintain a private conversation with someone without all your friends knowing about when looking on your phone.

Here is the perfect app for you Call Blocker . It has a beautiful easy to use UI, many features and the most important thing it just works unlike other similar apps.

Here is a quick list of the available features:

  • Black List
    • Block unwanted calls (Reject calls, forward or reply with a SMS).
    • Block spam SMS.
  • Contact Backup
    • Back up contacts to a server.
    • Transfer data to new phone.
  • Privacy Eraser
  • Private Space (Premium)
    • Automatically move private contacts’ messages and call logs to a Private Space so that they don’t appear in the phone’s regular SMS and call logs.
    • Keep secrets by hiding the icon as displayed on the main screen, so that nobody knows you are using Private Space.
    • Protect your REAL space by creating one or more fake spaces. If anyone wants your password, show her/him the fake one.

Some users reported that there are some bugs on 4.+ but it isn’t a widespread issue so the app still gets 5 stars. Hope you enjoyed this short review and find the app useful for your private needs. See you next time. Cheers :D


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu


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