Here is an app that some of you will find useful. Umano for Android is a news reader that unlike many others it relies more on presenting the news by having it read aloud by a real person then just presenting the paper version.

Once you enter the app you will be presented a clean Holo dark themed UI which is very nice indeed. It is a pleasure to just look at the app. The news themselves seem to be chosen good enough so you will always find something interesting to read and keep you informed. The news categories presented by default are, Inspirational, Must Know, Scientific, Entrepreneurial, Entertaining and Geeky. I didn’t found however any way to add new ones myself. Also some news seem to appear in multiple categories giving you as slight illusion of lack of content.

When you click on a news you get a standard picture, a text preview and music controls. The last are also available in the notification area which is a nice touch for those wanting quick access. If you want to read text only you will have to go the original site, unlike news readers like Google currents, Pulse and Flipboard. But it’s understandable since the target of the app is speaking the news.

The sound is streamed and there seem to be slow loading times. If you want to get in the middle of a track you will have to wait several good seconds before it actually works. Also the indicator jumps back the the beginning giving some confusion of whether you action had any result.

Overall the app receives 4 out of 5. It’s good but some issues cause it to become annoying. Hope you enjoyed the review and see you next time.


Chief Editor,

Mafteiu Vlad


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