Having trouble sleeping at night? Is your bedroom too quiet that it drives you insane,causing you to twist and turn at night? Well the fine developers over at TMSOFT have just the app for you! White Noise Lite (free) or White Noise ($1.99) will help you fall asleep to some gentle and soothing sounds.
The Lite version of the app does not have as many sounds as the full version,but it will still do the job! Both versions have many awesome features:

*Display a beautiful digital clock,which is easy to read with sleepy eyes. Don’t worry,they have another feature to move the positioning of the clock to prevent burning on the screen. Swiping left or right changes color of the clock. Swiping up and down adjusts brightness.


*Sounds are looped nicely and flow (Definite plus while trying to fall asleep)

*On screen controls for volume or you can use your volume rockers.

*Timers to disable sounds in a gentle way,so it does not wake you up.

*View sounds in a list style or swipe through them,while enjoying eye appealing pictures of the current sound.


*Many custom settings to enhance your experience!


The key differences between the free and pro version are that you have over 40 sounds to choose from in the pro version. Also you can use other apps without the sound stopping. There appears to be no rotation support,besides while in the digital clock function. This is within both versions. Other than that,this is a pretty solid app! Did we also mention that it has gotten rave reviews from Dr. OZ, The Washington Post and Health Magazine?! Your mind,body and soul will thank you!

Google Play Links: White Noise Lite 

White Noise

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