BattleFlood is a simple yet addictive game. While it never got the popularity it deserves in the android market that doesn’t make it any less fun.

The goal is to conquer all or more then half of the available squares by matching a colour to the ones near your first area depending on your chosen settings. It is important to consider tactics when choosing your next move. It is always smart to go for the largest areas and always towards your enemy. After you made the choice your area will expand and some colours will be disabled. After a while you will learn the pattern of the disabling and be able to choose your next moves better.

In settings you have a lot of  options from a colour picker which allows you to choose any colour of the maximum 6 slots available. You can also choose difficulty, disable or modify the count down timer and choose the difficulty level. After several games and gaining enough skill the hardest difficulty setting won’t be too difficult but it will certainly be not easy to defeat.

I recommend you share and buy the full version because this one is fully worth it. Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu

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