Successful Android Apps – General Tips

Successful Android Apps – General Tips


A statistic report states that, Android is a leading mobile operating system in the global smartphone market share. A developed app can become pretty quickly an app store or google play hit and rise up to be a leader for a set period of time on the 10 best apps. Bear in mind that most successful apps operate as a powerful platform for sales/marketing and ensures sustained growth and better audience targeting operating in an open mobile ecosystem. Recently the Android app market is seeing another booming-up, spread across more than a few industries, everyone wants one. Successful android apps increase business visibility and reach, accessibility and exposure across all mobile devices. Android App developers can create amazing Android apps based on user needs and draw in experiences live.

If you’re looking for how to build an Android app that would be uploaded later on to Google Play, here is the simple-to-follow tips:

How to Create a Successful Android App

User-friendly interface and unique experience design for Android app

You must create a solid base and a viral mechanism to ensure core functionality of the app with a user-friendly interface design. Users will enjoy the app performance and it attracts a network of a new audience. This process will make an engaging platform when users invite friends to use it. Always remember that simple concepts on Android apps provide effortless experiences and a sound graphical interface with not forgetting about customer support.

Utilize customizable features to target your user profile

The features of the successful Android app must be created specifically to reach targeted end users, so for instance: teenage males who enjoy games, watching TV programs and videos. The additional support aspects for audiences should contain 24/7 helps desk and training videos on demand.


Frequent update intervals based on user options and fixing up issues or problems at the moment of need

Some Android apps allow users to change the update intervals by providing the options in the settings menu and helps your user to grab significant information such as week-to-week updates, a favorite music player and remind them of urgent appointment. Always the app updated frequently within short intervals and without reducing battery life.

Focus on utilization of mobile device tools for your audience

Users may need an app that straightly satisfies or meets requirements of their needs such as booking a taxi, hotel room, airline ticket or order food from their favorite restaurant.Android app have become necessary tools for business purpose and most often many users depend on their favorite apps from time-to-time. Your app should ensure a unique user experience that attracts a wide base of customer demand such as a camera to take shots and videos, hearing music and GPS.  Use tracking tools to measure traffic resources of your apps accurately based on user usage to bring out in best users.

Initiate a dynamic customer plan and Marketing plan effectively

You should implement an energetic marketing plan focusing on user needs at a right time. Try to understand a real value of audiences before applying the marketing plan and don’t miss any level of your opportunities to launch, which basically means, don’t do any hasty moves before you have ~5-10K users where over 10% of that audience engages daily.

Honor your audiences for sharing Android app

Give some rewards to your users who ask to share your app with their friends, colleagues, and relations. Through this way, you can build or enhance your strengthen of base effectively and rapidly.