If you like music  and using android product so this App – Guide match you.

In android we have a’lot of music applications , some are useful and some not.i’ll try to give you the best app’s from my point of view – hope you’ll find them useful.


  • SoundCloud –  is a free application available on app store , with more then 50 Million installs  and in my opinion one of the best android music applications.

I start this app-guide with soundcloud because i found this app really useful , and i can tell you that when i discovered it , it almost replaced me youtube. i’m using soundcloud with my android , and at home as well via SoundCloud‘s site.

SoundCloud features :

  •  Google+ and Facebook Sign-in and share!
  •  Search and discover new music & audio for free
  •  Discover and follow diverse music & audio creators

SoundCloud - David GuettaSoundCloud - Billy Talent

Just type musician you like , find his soundcloud and lissten to the new sounds avialble on his page.

  •  Listen to sets (collections of tracks), or create your own playlists and share them with your followers
  •  Listen to a stream of new tracks wherever you are; streaming audio playback over WiFi or cellular data connection
  •  Record your own sounds with one touch and share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr

SoundCloud - Record


Just click REC button and start recording your singing , guitar playing or just yelling at the club and post it to all your friends via soundcloud , facebook , twitter etc.


  •  Includes optional Record Widget for the homescreen
  •  Lockscreen playback supported (play, pause and skip tracks without unlocking the screen)

SoundCloud - Lockscreen

As you can see , while my screen is locked i can manage my soundcloud and choose songs to play.


Great app , supported with any android version – i recommend it to any one in his android.




Shazam – is another free application from app store , really simple to use , and i find it really helpful as well.

Shazam work’s really simple :

  • You listen to a sound you don’t recognize
  • Shazam it – shazam will find you the track , give you the youtube  link , and give you the option to buy this song on amazon


Few picture examples : you can see 2 tracks i tried to recognize , and here is the result.picutre of the album , songs name , link to youtube and purchase link on amazon.

Shazam - Ticon remix

Shazam - Megadeath











I took 2 unfamiliar examples to show you that shazam is able to recognize a’lot of music genres and not only the familiar sounds.

hope you’ll enjoy the app :)

Shazam - app store



TuneIn Radio –   a free radio application   includes more then 100,000 live radio stations about different music genres , sports , news and comedy – all live on the android phone or tablet.

another great feature available in tunein radio – you can listen to a live stream radio , and pause the song.

By the way – while writing this paragraph i tried to play a song from TuneIn Radio and Shazam it , and it worked. so another feature added at this moment :)

TuneIn Radio - preview TuneIn Radio - Preview


as you can see above , really good looking app , simple to use  and ready to download :

TuneIn Radio - app store


Simple mp3 Downloader  – simple application , works great with any android phone or 3 easy steps you can download any song to your android :

  • search songs name
  • play it before you download , check if its the right song
  • download and enjoy.

Simple mp3 Downloader

in the upper line – i searched damian marley

then , selected  a song called “patience”(great song by the way)  and selected “play” to preview  it. after listing to the song , simply selected download and we finished.

Simple Mp3 download- google store


musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player – this great application let us listen to our song from the android device , and adds a great feature : lyrics.

In the first time you open the application , it will sync all your songs on android device with musixmatch. simply after syncing with your android , each song you play , will display with the lyrics.

in this picture below you can see Justin Timberlake’s – cry me a river song with the lyrics.

musiXmatch - preview


So if you’re a great bathroom singers i think you can enjoy this simple application , and start singing every where. this app available on the link below.

musiXmatch - app store


hope you find these 5 applications useful and enjoy them as much as you can , please post a comment if you have any problem with any of these apps.

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I’m working with Android since 2012 – when i bought my Galaxy S2 , after buying GS2 , i fall in love with android and started digging the internet and learned about android a’lot.
I start sharing articles here in purpose to expand your knowledge and let you use android in the best form.