IMAG0370It doesn’t matter if we go out for jogging, to the gym for a workout, or just sitting in front of the computer at work, We like to stay connected to our smartphone and to our music players all the time. As a result, the Bluetooth headset market that until recently focused mainly on call quality, expanded and now offers headphones with a very good sound quality, which not only help us manage calls, but also listen to high quality music.

Bluedio also expanded into the music niche and introduced the MT105 model which includes a design ideal for athletes who want to listen to music throughout the workout, but do not want to miss phone calls in the middle of it.
Hands-free has a redefined meaning thanks to these fashionable headsets, whose ergonomic design will allow you to wear them for hours, without even noticing them.

On the left headset of the MT105 there are control buttons for the volume, forward and backward tracks and of course answer calls. Besides the control buttons, there is a LED light indicating the connection of the earphone to the cell phone, and battery level. There is also a microphone, but it is hidden and not visible. In addition, there is a small slot for an SD card. We have to mention that the only way to listen to music is with SD card which you have to buy separately. The Bluetooth connection is only for calls.

The MT105 is a great sports headset, it’s comfortable and allows control directly from the headset, without the need to remove and start messing with it while running. Also, it seems like the ideal solution for a workout in the gym as we don’t need to get involved with any wires and connections. The headphones are really comfortable and doing a great job preventing the background noise that can disturb us.

IMAG0372The design is the first and main obstacle of the MT105. Because the grip of the headphones depends only on our ears, we found ourselves forced to engage and hold the earphones while running, because with every step on the ground the earphones jumped slightly, and sometimes even completely fallen.

On the other hand, when we got to the office, or when we had to spend long hours at the computer, the headphones were comfort and ideal. The cushions are comfort and blocks outside noises. The internal battery offers up to 12 hours of listening to music or talking, and 260 hours in “sleep”, so we had to charge it only once in a few days.

In terms of the range of the headphones, we were actually surprised by the wide range – which according to the technical specification is 15 meters. As we walked around the office we managed to answer the calls even when our phone was in the other room. These headphones, for us, were much more ideal for the office environment than the gym.


Bluedio Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular due to their high quality and affordable prices and the MT105 is no exception. This Bluetooth Stereo headset combines futuristic design with advanced features so if you want to enjoy hands-free calls or music in a great sound quality, these headphones are right for you.
The only issue we found is that you need to copy your favorite music to an SD card in order to listen to music. Our music is stored on our phones so it would be better if we could stream the music from there without the need to copy it to SD card. Not a massive deal and wouldn’t stop us from buying it but this is a review and this could be important for some users.

You can buy the Headset from priced at £24.90. They also stock other mobile accessories, Bluetooth headsets and even some tablets accessories.
MyTrendyPhone covers most of the European countries and for world-wide purchase, you can use their .com shop.
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