Build Your App From Your Android Phone With Snapp Builder

Build Your App From Your Android Phone With Snapp Builder


Whether you’re a business owner, musician, photographer, or a blogger, having your own app on Google’s Play store is very important. And not only for getting more exposure but also for maintaining your current audience.
The problem is, hiring a developer is not cheap at all. Sure, there are some web tools that will help you to build your app online on your own but they require some skills that most business owners I know don’t have. Furthermore, those tools require a computer, which, believe it or not, lots of people don’t have. That’s right, a huge percent of the population, mostly in emerging economies, just skipped the desktop generation and went straight into the mobile generation. And that’s exactly the problem that Snapp is trying to solve.

“By the year 2020, two billion people are going to be online, 67% of whom are going to be from developing countries. An astounding 99% of those users in those developing countries are going to be using smartphones exclusively.”

Snapp Builder is an Android app that allows you to build, manage and publish an app, using only your Android phone. From smartphone to smartphone, in few minutes and with no technical knowledge required. The user is guided through an intuitive app building process with simple “on/off” configuration menus and editing options that allows a great degree of personalization.

Snapp BuilderSnapp

There are different verticals to choose from, like restaurants, education, events, weddings, etc… which makes it really easy to get started. Once you choose your vertical you can start configuring your app, add your texts and logo, change the style and colors, change the overall layout and choose the structure of your app. All of this is done very easily with ‘drag and drop’ options and simple buttons, so no design or development skills are needed at all.
When all settings and configurations are done and you’re happy with your app’s content and design, just click the publish button and wait for your app to be ready.

“From restaurants and small businesses in Kenya, to artists in Argentina, to musicians in the United States, the vision at Snapp is to connect and mobilize people from all walks of life.”

The current version of Snapp is still in Beta, so some features are missing. The new version will be out within a month or so, with lots of new features included.

Download from Google Play: Snapp Builder
Snapp Builder

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