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We talked here before about Android caller ID apps and apps for Syncing your Android contacts with Facebook pics, but this one is totally a game changer! It does both things and a lot more!

NEW YORK, May 21, 2012 – CallApp unveiled its revolutionary universal social contact book and communication app for Android phones on stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt New York.
CallApp was selected as one of the startups to take part in the Disrupt Battlefield competition.

Looking for a Better Caller ID / Phone Book on your Android?

CallApp combines all the info on the web about your contacts with all the info you and your friends share about those contacts into a super-smart Universal Contact Book that gets smarter every day and delivers you INSTANT useful tools & info about any call in real time!

This enables CallApp to immediately present you with the most relevant info about anyone you communicate with, even if they’re not listed in your phone’s contacts. The app displays their photo, social activity, website, last email and additional valuable information REGARDLESS whether the other party:

  • Is initiating or receiving a call
  • Is in your phonebook
  • Is connected to you via social networks
  • Has CallApp installed
  • Is a person / a business

This is all done via the Call App platform which lets you set reminders, share a contact or your location, add a note to a contact’s info, or even set a meeting with a single tap. CallApp provides you with the information and tools you need to make better decisions and seize more exciting opportunities. It helps you avoid wasting time on calls that don’t matter and to become more productive on the ones that do.

CallApp provides this same experience when you call businesses or any other organization. The next time you call up a restaurant you can access Yelp reviews, see their social profiles, or navigate to their location. You can even access Google street view so you know what to look for when you go there. I was simply amazed when I called the local pizza.

CallApp’s End to End Contact Management solution provides you with the most relevant tools & info at the right time: before, during and after you receive or initiate a call:

  • SUPER CALLER ID THAT SAVES TIME & ANNOYANCE – Start each call right with useful information about the other party: Who is the other party! Who are your mutual friends? Where do they work? Their last email/sms…
  • COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS INFO – Compiles all the reviews, maps, etc. about businesses when you are on a call with them so you don’t have to spend time asking silly questions… just ask the important ones!
  • IN CALL INTERACTIONS – Share photos, contacts, location and more regardless whether the other party is a CallApp user.
  • AFTER CALL PRODUCTIVITY – save time and be productive – one click to set a meeting, take ฟ note, set a reminder and more…
  • ENRICHED CONTACT BOOK – Enriches your phonebook with the latest contact & social info/pictures even if you are not connected to that person via social networks.
  • ENRICHED CALL LOG – see the name and picture of people who called you regardless if they are in your phonebook (including missed calls).
  • SAVE MONEY – Free VoIP call to anyone with a VoIP application. CallApp will alert you whenever the other party you are going to call has a VoIP app for free voice calls.

CallApp is available for download today from Google Play. Give it a try here and tell us what you think in the comments.


    • Hi Leon,

      The next time you click on a phone number you’ll get a popup that will ask you what app you want to use to open the number. Choose the CallApp and make sure you mark the “always use this app” option.