I’m sure once in a while your mind attacks you with thoughts about catching a flight to India , Europe , USA or any other place jumps to your mind. in the last year , every time it happen to me  – i’m doing it with flight catcher application on my android device.

I’ll try to give you few apps that work for me , and i use them every time i’m going to a trip. in this review ill make a  comparison between the apps and show you the prices in each app.

Skyscanner got a really simple application – you control everything with 1 simple page and can choose the next options :

Skyscanner - review

1.from where and  to where – you can choose from where you gonna catch the flight – and choose the place you want to fly and even choose  everywhere and find the cheapest place you can go to.

2.depart and return day – choose a date and take the flight ( 1 way ticket is able)

4.passengers – with how many people you gonna take the flight?

5.cabin class – you can choose one of these options – economy , premium economy , business and first class.



Skyscanner - flight preview

After you select all these parameters and click on the Search button  you’ll  be moved to the seconds the second page we can choose the place we want to go ( in my example i take a flight from London to everywhere , so we can decide the place we want) . places and flights are organized by price (cheapest to highest).

As you can see , we have a’lot of options  but in the print screen we can see 5 Ireland Germany United kingdom Norway and Poland.Ireland is the cheapest one – 54£.just to clarify – i waited 5 minutes while writing this review and when i refreshed the application Ireland wasn’t the cheapest and Poland became 34£.


So we can see Skyscanner is really simple to use and its free on Google Play , hope you enjoy this app.

Skyscanner official Website:here. Skyscanner official website allow you to order not only flights – hotels and car renting as well.

Skyscanner - Google Play


  • Expedia Hotels & Flights – the greatest thing about Expedia is the option to search for flights and hotels as well.ill review the hotel search option but i’ll focus on the flights.

Expedia - hotels list


the hotel category in Expedia is really similar to the flight catcher. you type where you are and the application give you hotel results sorted by stars and prices , in the application you have a filter so you can get more specific results for each person.

in the picture alongside you can see i searched for hotels in Barcelona , Spain. on the right side we see the prices ( 63£ , 66£ 58£ and 40£) and on each hotel we see the yellow squares – the rate of the reviews.


if we enter to the hotel page – in each hotel we can see pictures of the hotel, rooms lobby and more.we can read information about the hotel.each hotel describe different info , but you can find there when it built, the location ( if its on the center or not ),location on Google maps , whats included- swimming pool sauna bar restaurant etc.

expedia - hotel page


I find this hotel searcher really friendly and useful.of curse the application let us check in to hotel via android so we actually can catch a flight and then think about the hotels , and just take the cheapest ( they have a’lot of “only tonight sale”).



Expedia flight catcher is really similar to the hotel search engine , and to be honest its similar to all the flight applications or websites.all you need to do is enter departure airport ,arrival airport , departure date(come back date is optional) – and hit the search button.after hitting the search button the application will move you to the second page and show the flight results – prices , airway company , flights time and how long is the flight.every thing is really simple and easy to see.

Expedia - flight searchExpedia - flights


you can see its really simple to use:

1.i selected London airport to Dublin(Ireland) and selected the 15 of November (one way ticket) and hit the search button.

2.after hitting the search button i have been moved to the second page – the flights prices dates and this page you can select which flight you the way on Expedia the prices include taxes so the price you see is the total amount to pay.


So you can understand both applications really similar , only Expedia go the hotels option with the application.

Expedia’s official website:here. like Skyscanner , Expedia’s website allow to rent cars as well.

Expedia - Google Play


more application’s for flights :

Hipmunk hotels & flights

 Flights – aviascanner 

FlightAware Flight Tracker – allow us to track a flight online!


Before i finish this flight guide , i would like to share with you one easy way i’m getting my flights for cheaper price.lets say i found a flight on Skyscanner for 50$ – lets say to Berlin. after we finish all the process and we’re one step before completing the order we can see full details about the flight : flight time , dates etc.with all this information we can see which airway company we’re about to take the flight with..after finding the airway company , easily : enter the official website of the airway company and check for your flight(exactly the same flight-you can search the flight number on Skyscanner). after you find it , check the prices…last time i took a flight to Barcelona i paid 25$ less then the price on Skyscanner.






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I’m working with Android since 2012 – when i bought my Galaxy S2 , after buying GS2 , i fall in love with android and started digging the internet and learned about android a’lot.
I start sharing articles here in purpose to expand your knowledge and let you use android in the best form.