Today I will present you several of the best apps used for customizing your home screens and give you a good source of inspiration for any such attempts. I recommend  you get the premium versions for ultimate customization possibilities.


Launchers you can use:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. ADW Launcher
  3. Apex Launcher
  4. Launcher 7 
  5. Launcher 8



  1. Desktop VisualizeR allows you to change the icon image of a homescreen app shortcut with a custom one.
  2. Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) is a clock widget with options for battery, weather and unread count notifications. It is one of the best for creating your own dream widget of this kind.
  3. Neat Calendar Widget is a fancy yet simple customizable calendar widget.
  4. Simple Calendar Widget is a simple calendar widget with support for date, appointments, weather and location. It supports lots of skins as well.
  5. Simple RSS Widget is another minimalism style reader widget which simply displays just the text.
  6. MultiPicture Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app that allows you to use your own pictures to display.
  7. wClock widget Full is a clock widget with lots of fancy clock design that will certainly spice up your home screens.
  8. SwitchPro Widget is an app that allows you to customize your own toggle on/off button widgets.
  9. Zooper Widget Pro is another very good ultimate widget customization tool.
  10. Android Pro Widgets is a powerful widget pack which supports things such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and so on.


There are many more options out there will give you even more options. In future parts I will t try to make a full list of all available apps for each category.


Until then if you need inspiration just go here and take a look at other users creations and even watch tutorials to learn how to make your own custom screens. See you next time.


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu



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