Where ever you are going today’s smartphones never have the battery capacity to hold through a heavy use every day. That’s why a external battery pack will always come in handy.

The Fantec Battery pack comes out of the box with the battery itself and two cables. One cable is the standard micro USB that plugs into your device if it supports it. And the other one is a USB connector that the PSP and older digital cameras are using. You also use this one to charge the battery pack. It is nice that they provide those and you don’t have to use your phone charger for this, however you will be stuck with charging from the pc or in the case of some manufactures like HTC who use the USB cable for the charger you can use your phone charger with the cable provided in the box.

The device is about 150 grams in weight which is pretty lite just a little heavier then most phones. One one end it has 2 standard USB slots which you can use to charge two devices at a time and on the other end and on the other end is the charging USB slot. On the front you can find a power button which allows you to start the charging and see the level of energy left available. This is indicated by the blue leds. The leds themselves are a little too powerful for my liking and your eyes might hurt looking at them but since they don’t stay on all the time it doesn’t really matter. On the back is the manufacturer info and you can also find a hole in which you can put a chain or something similar to keep the pack safe and hang it from something.

It has a capacity of 5200 mAh so considering that most phones these days are between 1800-2200 mAh that will provide you an extra 2.5-2.8 more times battery life. Pretty much like any USB charging filling your device battery to full power might take a long while. Something around 5-7 hours with no usage at all. Also if you do heavy usage while charging expect your device to die since the pack cannot keep up with the requirements. Charging the pack itself with the phone charger takes about 4-5 hours, but if you use the pc to charge it expect more then 8 hours for a full fill.


If you find such a battery pack useful you can get it from here.

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