There are so many new features that have been improved upon from Ice cream sandwich.

This is the best review we saw till now, Thanks +Ste Boyd for sharing.

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My love for Android started when I got my HTC Hero (currently running CM7.1) and never looked back. Now I own an HTC One X (running AOKP).
I started this website to help my friends with their new phones but for my surprise the website quickly started to grow and now I’m happy to help much more Android enthusiasts all over the world.
I have an amazing wife + two cats and on my free time I write songs and play guitar as a hobby.


  1. Off topic: It happened to me I formatted from my Ubuntu the SD card in EXT4, and surprise my ICS does not recognize my SD, asks me to format it, I agree and then format the internal fake SD instead.

    I looked how to add EXT4 to my Android ICS OS and I did  find NOTHING, except some old posts for Gingerbread and that some custom ROMS use EXT4 instead of FAT32.

    Is there any method to add EXT4 to my OS?

    Is there any method to reconfigure the OS making the fake SD partition the default apks partition and be able to move apks to physical SD? I have to move one by one after install each with app2SD or Norton utils and I cannot install apks at physical SDs

    Thanks in advance, I am still searching.

    I miss a lot this kind of tech staff of (re) configs in Android community