Today I will present you a fun strategy game called Anomaly Korea, which is a sequel to the original game. At the first glance it seems like a standard tower defense game, but it’s with a twist, you’re the attacker and you must punch through the towers laid out through out the map.

You can buy the game from here. Buy and Download: Anomaly Korea

Total Rating: 4/5

  • Graphics: 5/5. They are simply amazing, combine them with HD cut scenes that depict the alien invasion and you got yourself one gorgeous app.
  • Sounds. 4/5. The sounds effect are very good but do get dull sometimes. Good voice acting.
  • Gameplay. 4/5 . Great and fun but the game can be completed in less then 2 hours. Optional missions that you unlock are extremely difficult.
  • Story. 3/5.  Story falls a bit short. Seems also a bit repetitive from the original game.
  • Price. 4/5. Only 2$ for now, but usually around 4$. You decide if it’s worth it. For the usual around 4$ price the game could have been longer.


When you first start the app you get a nice cinematic describing you what will happen. Once you get to the main menu you can choose  to start the game, resume, or go to art of war mode. Missions here will be locked however until you finish the campaign.

Once in the game you have a tactical screen where you can choose the route. Be careful what you choose, it will make the difference between success or a early demise. Different enemy towers have different ways of attack. Some shot in a straight line, some have an area of effect, some disable your tanks, some burn them and some even revive fallen towers.

As for yourself you got a bunch of different vehicles raging, from APC’s, Tanks, Shield Generators and a couple of others. You also get powers that makes your vehicles shot faster, deploy a decoy or a smoke screen or launching bombs. You only have them in limited numbers so be careful when you choose to use them. From the buy screen you can change your vehicles order, upgrade them or buy new ones.

The missions themselves despite being few in number have a good deal of variety to prevent you from getting bored. Some may be very hard to pass however.

Hope you enjoyed the review and consider purchasing the game if you like it. See you next time.

Chief Editor,

Mafteiu Vlad


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