Death Worm is a fun game which gives you the purpose of growing your worm by eating humans, destroying the army, jumping after birds and airplanes and facing the ultimate challenge, the almighty UFO’s.

In order to progress to the next level you must either get a certain score by killing people or other object, or destroying them in a certain amount of time. You also get bonus levels from time to time to raise your score even more. Also you can collect various power ups that allow you to jump higher or shoot fireballs.

After each level you can improve your worm by making it bigger, move faster or making it more resilient to enemy attacks. Yes enemies don’t just move around, they shoot at you. And you better be careful how you emerge out of the ground or else you got a Kentucky fried worm for dinner.

The graphics are quite nice for such a game, but on higher end screens they do look a little low res. As for the sounds they are ok, nothing special, nothing bad. The controls seem a little awkward but you will get used to them. Between using a virtual joystick and the accelerometer  I recommend the first one since it seems more precise. But if you just want to get a higher degree of difficulty after finishing the game the first time this would be another way to do it.

Overall it’s a fun game then will entertain you for quite some time. Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu


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