Most of you have watch the famous movies series “Jaws”. If you remember the villain was a white shark with the sole purpose  to eat people and sink vessels. While in nature sharks don’t hunt people and most only bite to investigate the idea was still interesting and frightening.

This game puts you in the role of the shark and lets you hunt everything that encroaches on your domain. There are lots of stuff to eat from small fish, balloon fish, barracudas, crabs and even other sharks. Some things can bite back however or make you sick. Also there are things such as mines which take a large portion of you life, human ships that can attack you and so on. Even going to deep might hurt you if you are too small.

Your shark looses life each second that it doesn’t eat so make sure you keep it full at all times. The more you eat the more you grow and also you collect coins which you can use to upgrade stats such as bite, speed and boost. You can find those in chests as well. If your prey is fast and gets away you can activate your boost and follow them to finish the job. In the evolve screen you have 5 types of sharks you can get, each bigger one requires the previous one to be fully upgraded.

The graphics are very nice  and realistic which really makes you feel that you’re in the ocean deep. The sound is nice as well and keeps you immersed in the world. The gameplay is fun and it is truly rewarding to see your little pup grow wild.

And best of all the game is totally free, go ahead and download it from here: Hungry Shark: Evolution . Hope you enjoy it and see you next time.


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu


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