Remember those good old days when you were a king just waiting to order your subjects what to do and they just decided they should do their own way? Of course you do and since you take so much pleasure accounting those days I’m going to present you a interesting strategy game that will make you feel young and in absolute unquestionable power as you once were.

Majesty series can be traced up to the original PC game launched back in 2000. Unlike other strategy games of it’s time you didn’t have the power of mind control over your subjects and like in real life you could only order, offer rewards and hope you’re brave heroes will enjoy your offer and go accomplish the tasks you wanted them to do.

Just like in the PC versions, the setting is in a medieval era full with champions, magic and other types of crazy monsters. Now how does a usual day begin in such a setting. Well, you get your standard piece of cake, royal palace which gets it’s own palace guard and tax collector. As you build various buildings some type of heroes and buildings, some options turn off. Like you aren’t able to build a Temple of light if you have a Temple of Darkness or a Temple for Barbarians. Of course you aren’t limited to these, you got your standard tall, pointy-eared elf ready to shot it’s bow and the small, warrior dwarf ready to kick some ass. Apparently elves and dwarves don’t get along to well but we already know that don’t we(anyone seen The Hobbit?).

What about the monsters that threaten your kingdom?  Well as you build your kingdom, you need sewers where all the junk needs to go. Unfortunately those pesky rats will start to attack your citizens. Once you have a good economy with a running marketplace you will have to deal with trolls. Yes those kind of trolls, green and mean, just waiting to loot your entire kingdom and eat it’s citizens. What I should also mention that you must make sure you keep your heroes alive, if too many die you will have a nice graveyard in your backyard. Nothing to worry about apart from the occasional rising undead which includes skeleton warriors and brain eating zombies. Of course you got the wild type as well like fire breathing dragons, big stone golems that crush you like a rat that you are, harpies and of course the old vampire lords that love your blood like strawberry juice.

Overall the game has 10 types of heroes,30 upgradable buildings, several dozens spells and of course changeable weather, through the last tends to cause some lag some times. And let’s not forget the customizable skirmish mode which keeps the game enjoyable after finishing the campaign.

I really recommend this game since it’s fun and a real pleasure to see your subject grow in peace under your dictatorship rule(that no one really listens to). The game has a demo if you just want to try it out. Check out the links, screenshots and video teaser below. Cheers!

Download and Try – Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Buy and Download – Majesty:The Northern Expansion


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu

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Video Teaser