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Today we will have a game review and an interview with one of the Game Studio members Martin Vonsak.

Save the Snail is a free physics puzzle game which features addictive gameplay and beautiful hand-painted graphics. Curious? Watch the gameplay here :)

The game supports both Android and iOS devices and it’s available on the Google Play. International version for iOS devices will be available on the App Store soon (currently only Czech version is available).

Your mission is to help the snails to avoid dangerous traps, cover them with objects to evade burning sunbeams and hide them to deflect the falling rocks. Snails are defenseless fragile creatures and without your help they’re lost.

It’s only up to you to find a way how to solve dozens of braintwisting puzzles and Save the Snail.

Explore the world of insect and small beings and experience a lot of fun for whole family.

Show your logical thinking and pass through 24 levels in 3 difficulty levels. For best rating get all three stars in each level – first for saving the snails, second for collecting bonus objects and third, the most difficult to achieve, for beating the time limit.

Be the one who will make the snail go happy…


– completely free puzzle game
– 24 levels
– easy controls = no finger fitness
– over 30 objects
– dozens of logic puzzles
– realistic physics
– beautiful hand-painted graphics
– challenging yet simple gameplay
– unusual adventure
– great fun for kids and adults


I must say the game is fun and what I really like about it that unlike most games these days it doesn’t promote violence. Very good Job.




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Now about the interview:

More about yourself and the team

My name is Martin Vonsak and as a member of Aldagames developing team I am working mainly on game design, game concepts and scripts for games. I am also involved in testing. The rest of team consists from developers, programmers and graphic designers. But Aldagames exists only 3 months, in fact our project is very young start up. That means we are still hiring, so if are you or your readers interested and do not afraid to live and work in beautiful Czech town Brno, just apply .

What made you start a gaming company?

Enthusiasm and love for gaming. Few members of the team have the previous experience from world of games, for instance thanks to work on their own projects (e.g., gaming as well and so on. Every one of us wanted to create something what we love – games for other people with the same passion. And finally, Ales Kriz – our leader, has decided to change words and desires into reality. And here we are .

How did you come to make the current game?

We wanted to start with something small and nice but still ambitious, so our first project was developed in this way – beauty in simplicity. After just few brainstorm meeting was clear that we want to save the snails. And the final release is here and we are glad to say: it is success.

Why do you think it become such a success?

First of all, the gameplay and physics. Save the Snail is powered by Unity engine and thanks this the physics works pretty realistic. Secondly, the graphics. Nowadays it is very unusual to use hand-painted environments. Despite this fact, we decided to use this concept and as you can see it is really great way how to improve the aesthetic side of the game. Last but not least, the game can be addictive for kids and adults as well. Also the popularity of casual puzzle games is rapidly growing. And please, when you see the face of snail in danger, you just cannot let it be .

Do you plan any expansions for it?

Actually yes, but currently we are working on other projects. That means that additional level packs have to wait. We really appreciate gamer´s requests for expansions, but we are busy with our ongoing release. Trust me it will be pretty impressive.

What other games do you plan?

Well, I cannot answer right now, it is top secret. I can only reveal the little bit of this mystery by statement that it will be something massive, online and multiplayer. And as I said before – impressive.

Do you accept user input for game improvements?

Opinions of player and all users are very helpful, we greatly appreciate every respond and comment. You cannot improve if you are not listen to your audience. We realized this mostly during works on Save the Snail, and each feedback has helped us in planning future development.

How do you think games affect people’s life?

Difficult answer in just few words, you know there is also a field called „game studies“ at universities . But just to be short, the influence of games can be reflected on few levels. Level of fun is about relaxing and enjoying your time with friends or alone, it does not matter.

Next level is art. Do you remember master pieces like Diablo, Fallout or whatever game you can imagine? It is not only about an impressive graphics and bombastic effects but the storyline as well. And the symbiotic of these elements is something what converts every game into piece of art, cult with some kind of catharsis effect.

Social impact is also very important, each game takes some time, playing of each game affects your family, friends etc. You have to realize that gaming is just another nice hobby and it is very important to find out the line behind which is something pathological. Especially at present – everything is mobile and games as well. Just long story short – mobile or tablet can be good servant but bad master.

Any comments for your fans?

Just thank you all for you support, critics and feedback. We are doing our best to be the best and without you, your gaming skills and critical eye, it would be impossible.

Hope you enjoy the article and see you next time,

Vlad Mafteiu S.