Today I will review Spirit HD. The game itself is fun and very interactive. The goal is to kill all enemies by making something that resembles a black hole, possibly the path to afterlife. This is done by scrolling the spirit and making circles around them.

There are plenty of enemies from cannons that shoot lasers in a straight lines, snakes that move around, triangles that move in rectangle paths, floating bubbles and even things that home in on you or just follow you in close proximity and makes your movements harder since you run the risk of hitting them. You only have 3 lives available so be careful not to die. From time to time a enemy will appear which drags a extra life. Kill it to get the life, make sure not to drag it in the hole as well, otherwise you loose it.

Obviously you must get a higher score  by killing as many enemies as possible.  The more enemies you can get in a hole the larger the score. You got 2 main game modes, one which resembles a campaign and one which is a sandbox game. The latest one is much harder. Also you can see in the score screen your highest scores and compare your results to others.

The graphics are very nice and the sound is good as well. The thing that could get you very annoyed is the license check. This game has one of the best checks in place and every week it needs to connect to the internet and renew the license. If you happen to be without internet for more then that then you will find the game it’s useless. I certainly get annoyed by this. I understand preventing piracy but those DRM like checks are absurd in the end. Anyone thinking of  Ubisoft?

See you next time. Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu

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