We all heard about Google’s music service and personally I was very happy when they announced it.  I was very excited when I got Invited and even more excited when I started to use it.
The Music beta is perfect for me and it’s the one thing I needed the most. I can upload up to 20,000 songs from my personal music collection to listen from any computer or on my phone, even offline! All my music is now synced and every song I add to my computer will be automatically uploaded to Google Music and, therefore, to my android mobile. simple and awesome!

Because the Google Music is still in beta, you must have an invitation to get the service. Luckily my newbies, I have 7 invitations to share with you so just leave you mail in the comments bellow and I will send an invite to the first 7 readers.

Also, I will start to write a new guide for the Google Music beta service in a few days.


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My love for Android started when I got my HTC Hero (currently running CM7.1) and never looked back. Now I own an HTC One X (running AOKP).
I started this website to help my friends with their new phones but for my surprise the website quickly started to grow and now I’m happy to help much more Android enthusiasts all over the world.
I have an amazing wife + two cats and on my free time I write songs and play guitar as a hobby.


  1. Nice post – makes a refreshing change from all the regular junk lots of so-called bloggers post on this situation.

    • Hi ravenm, you are going to love the Android, I am sure. Do you need an invitation to Google Music?
      Also, a lot of guides are coming soon so don’t forget to check back.