It seems that more and more devices will get Jelly Bean soon thanks to the +CyanogenMod team. (And not thanks to Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.)

Video below is a fun EasterEgg from the latest CM Jelly Bean version.

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CM 10 Weekend Round-Up

First things first, it looks like some of you have found an easter egg in the CM10 preview builds. (Video linked courtesy of +Chris Sewell).

And yes, you are seeing that correctly, that is CM10 on an HTC One S (ville). +Ethan Chen has been working hard on his device tree for the ville, and released a preview build:

Not to be left behind, we saw GSM Galaxy Nexus and GSM Nexus S builds released by +Rafael Salas (hit his page for downloads). +Ricardo Cerqueira joined in on the previews and put out builds for the p930 and p936 (LG Nitro/Optimus LTE – 

+David van Tonder came through big with bringing over the much coveted Notification Power Widgets and +Danesh Mondegarian followed suit with the lockscreen custom shortcuts

+Pál Zoltán Illés and +Boris mdeejay's work on the HOX Tegra let them make a jump into the CM10 world with a preview as well

Finally, +Dobie Wollert and his laser are back, with an epic result if we do say so ourselves –