This post will present you how to change and try custom 3rd party android keyboards.

I will start by presenting a few of the most popular custom keyboards there are on the Google Play Store

1. SwiftKey 3(


  • Accurate corrections and predictions
  • Learns from you and evolves over time
  • Gets keywords from social networks and Gmail
  • Lots of available languages


  • Free version is only a trial for a month
  • You have to spend about 4.5$ from your pocket to get the full version
  • Tablet version not included as well in the package you buy


2. GO Keyboard(


  • Absolutely free and  keyboard
  • Plenty of standard features available in other paid keyboards
  • Lots of useful themes and plugins
  • Supports both tablet and phone layouts


  • Some languages not supported
  • Doesn’t integrate with other services to get keywords


3. Thumb Keyboard. (


  • Very fast
  • Good customization options
  • Supports both tablet and phone layouts


  • Very limited selection of languages
  • Same price as others but not so many features

4. Other good available keyboards


Ultimately which keyboard you choose is up to your preference and also willingness to spend money or not. Now we will move on to show you how to change the default keyboard.

  1. First go to Settings and after that scroll down until you see “Language and Input” and click on it.
  2. On the next screen you will see a menu called “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS”. On this menu you will see installed keyboards. On the left side of each name you will see a blank check-box. Click on it and you will be asked to acknowledge that the data you enter can be collected including passwords and credit card numbers. Click “OK”.
  3. Now that you activated you’re new keyboard you can click the icon on the right side to customize it. This is up to you since each keyboard will have different settings.
  4. Press HOME button to return to your homescreen and enjoy


Hope you find this useful. Cheers!

Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu



  1. I personally prefer Thumb keyboard because it is simple to use. most of the other keyboard apps use a lot of ram just have several deaths enabled.