Today I will present a few tips that will help improve your android security.



  • Make your phone number appear as private when calling by entering an ID-Blocking Prefix or if your phone supports it just change to hide my id. The default is network settings.
  • Do not root or unlock your boot loader. This may be fine for developers but if you want to keep your phone secure don’t do it.


  • Never keep any data connection such as Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth and so on open unless you use them. When you don’t use them shut them down.


  • Disable access my location from Settings/ Location Access. You don’t want anyone to keep track of you right.


  • Use an anonymous email account. Do not include in your email adress any data that mat be traced back to you such as birthday, dates, names, initials and so on.


  • Set a lock screen password. Do not use pin or gesture unlock(people can see the movement left my the dirt you left on the screen). Use an alphanumeric password at least 8 characters long. Make sure it includes capital and small letters, numbers and other accepted glyphs.


  • Do not use social networks. Those are a perfect way for someone to learn your habits.


  • If you delete something, format the drive after it and fill it again and format again. Why? When you delete or format the first time the data isn’t truly lost and can be recovered with the right tools.


  • When connecting to the internet use a anonymous proxy or a VPN. You don’t want to be traced by your IP location right?


Here you go. Follow those tips and you should be safer from praying eyes.


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu

Android Security