Hi newbies, I bet most of you have a lot of apps on your Android phones and I know it can be very annoying to search for an app through a large list of apps. Specially when you are in a rush and need to quickly launch an app.
Solution: Apps Organizer!

Apps Organizer

This simple and free app let you put a label on every app and add those labels to your home screen as shortcuts. This way you can arrange your apps in groups and reach your important apps quickly.

When you open the app it will scan your phone and than it will show you a list of all your apps. Touching an app will bring a list of labels for you to choose from.

Apps Organizer

When you’re done labeling your apps you can go to the labels list. Touching a label will bring you a list of the apps under this label.

Arrange your Android apps with labels

A long touch on a label and it will bring an option menu.

Organize your apps in labels

You can add or rename a label and even choose an icon for the label from a list of provided icons.

Icons for Apps Organizer

Now you can go to your home screen and add those labels you created as shortcuts.

Apps Organizer Labels

Apps Organizer

Here is the market link: Apps Organizer
Hope that helps,

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