There are lots of rumors lately suggesting Google is experimenting with ‘in call’ voice translations, in attempts to add this kind of service to their future Android devices. Well, most of you probably don’t know about it but one real time calls translation service app is already exists on Google Play store. I’m talking about Lexifone, which recently had a major update with some great new features.

Imagine a world where you can converse with anyone from around the globe in your own tongue, without learning another language or needing to pay an interpreter. Lexifone wants to make that into reality.

We already mentioned Lexifone when the first version of their Android app was out. We were very impressed by Lexifone’s two main features: translating your calls to another language as you speak and face to face voice translation.
However, on the first version of Lexifone there was a small amount of initial training required for first-time users. There was also a limit on sentence length and callers had to wait and speak one after the other, as opposed to both speaking at the same time. These restrictions have now been removed and in order to use Lexifone you simply dial into their service and speak.

We’ve had a few test calls with the newly updated Lexifone app, which has a much-improved calling process and it worked very nice, take a look at the video below:

With the ‘face to face’ feature you can interpret a conversation with someone in front of you. Have Lexifone translate your conversation without dialing out. This is great for meetings, interviews and any situation where both of the people are in the same room. Simply turn on your phone’s speakers, call Lexifone access number, choose the language and press the # key. Lexifone will translate your conversation with the person sitting next to you in the room. You do not need internet connection, only your phone.

Take a look at the following video to see how face to face translation works and also how NOT to use it:

Lexifone’s Android application has been launched during the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With the Lexifone Android app you can dial directly from your contact list, using a simple interface to set languages and perform translated or non translated calls even without internet connection. Supported languages are:

  • English with 3 different flavors: US , UK  and AUS 
  • European Spanish 
  • Mexican Spanish ,
  • European Portuguese ,
  • Brazilian Portuguese ,
  • German ,
  • Italian ,
  • European French ,
  • Canadian French ,
  • Russian ,
  • Mandarin (Chinese) ,
  • Hebrew

The application is free to download and for translated calls the rates starts from $0.15 per minute. See Lexifone’s Pricing page for more details.