One of the most intriguing features of the new Samsung smartphone is the possibility to track the user's eyes to make actions – According to Brian Chen from New York Times:

According to +Newsgeek, The Israeli start-up UMoove, which develops a special algorithm that allows the use of low quality camera to identify eye movements and gestures of the head, is the one standing, apparently, behind the technology embedded in the next generation of Samsung's flagship device.

According to the report, The new feature detects when the user finishes reading a paragraph, on a web page for example, and scrolls the screen to the next paragraph without any manual intervention.

UMoove is in talks with the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, for a few months now. The source said that the talks between the two have matured in the recent months and led to an integration of the UMoove's technology in the next version of Samsung's flagship device – the Galaxy S IV.

Via +Newsgeek 

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