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By Dr. John Hart

Answers on your questions about Heaven

We all need to know what occurs once we die. do we visit heaven? what is going to we do there? can we see our household?
It seems the Bible is full of solutions for your most crucial questions, explaining what heaven seems like, who may be there, and the way to get there within the first position. during this ebook you'll find transparent causes of those passages, providing you with a decent and gorgeous photo of our everlasting domestic. locate convenience and peace within the fact approximately heaven.

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Do you see yourself that way? Forgiving our sins is certainly part of God’s plan to get us to heaven. But it is only part. To “justify” us, God adds something to us. He adds his righteousness to us, declaring us to be completely good in his sight. Receiving God’s righteousness also means that we have eternal life. Eternal life is something that we have in the future, but it is also something that we get here and now. It is sometimes difficult for us to understand that eternal life is received as a free gift in this life when we come to faith in Jesus Christ.

That’s what happens with earthly homes. The residents eventually move out, sometimes by death. The mansions ranged from 36,000 to 100,000 square feet. Most of us don’t need and couldn’t use that much personal space. Do we each need a personal bowling alley and an Olympic-size swimming pool? In the English of the time the KJV was written, the original meaning of the word mansion meant simply “dwelling,” not a large, luxurious house. Unfortunately, the idea of mansions in heaven has become an enduring tradition in some Christian circles.

It was written over a span of two thousand years by forty different authors from three different continents. There are an estimated six trillion Bibles in print today, and the Bible is just as relevant now as it was when the first Bibles were copied on papyrus. Perhaps its wisdom on heaven is worth the investigation. Join with me in the exploration of this fascinating subject. 1 Who goes to heaven? A story is told of an angel who appeared to a man and granted him any single wish he desired. He thought for a long time, contemplating how he might use this fortunate event to gain a lifetime of wealth.

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