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By Richard D. Weis, David M. Carr

This quantity of essays addresses from quite a few vantage issues the relation of scriptures and neighborhood that has been so relevant to the canonical serious paintings of James A. Sanders. the 1st a part of the amount makes a speciality of the formation of the Jewish and Christian canons and texts in them, whereas the second one half appears to be like at historical and smooth appropriations of canonical texts. jointly those essays express the a number of power hyperlinks among canonical feedback and ancient, literary, feminist and different ways in modern biblical studies.

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Sarna, 'Bible', EncJud, IV, pp. 827-30; I. Yeivin, Introduction to the Tiberian Massorah (trans. J. Revell; SBLMasS, 5; Missoula, MT: Scholars Press, 1980), pp. 38-39; Sanders, 'Canon', pp. 840-41. See also Swanson, 'The Closing of Holy Scripture', pp. 260-61; Barr, Holy Scripture, p. 57; Ulrich, 'The Bible in the Making', pp. 80-81; and particularly Barton, Oracles of God, pp. 83-86. Cf. Steck, Abschluss der Prophetic, p. 24, who argues against Barton on the basis of the existence of redactional layers extending across books in the Pentateuch, Deuteronomistic History, Chronistic History, and Prophetic corpus.

One might add to this the correspondence of the probable Torah-focus of Alexandrians with a possible connection between them and the Temple cult at Leontopolis. Nevertheless, the Torah-focus of the Alexandrians is not as sharply defined as in the case of the Samaritans, Sadduccees and Priestly groups reflected in the Mishnah, and the Alexandrians have a less clear relation to Leontopolis than the Palestinian groups listed above. Therefore, it is just as likely that other factors, such as distance from innovation in Palestine, explain the predominant focus on the Torah in certain traditions associated with Alexandria.

153. 48 A Gift of God in Due Season the proto-canonical structures discussed above. To some extent, we simply do not have much knowledge of what was going on with each group during large portions of the period in question. 72 This fundamental difference in types of canons at least occasionally played a role in the positioning of these groups in relation to each other. In at least the case of the early Christians and the Qumran community Jews outside the Temple cult used texts from the 'Prophets' section of the canon to condemn the existing Temple cult.

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