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It is not a phonological tone, however, since its realisation is contextual, and depends on an adjacent segment. 10 It appears after a voiced consonant or a sonorant (including the implosive /d/), but never after a voiceless consonant, as shown in the following examples. (16) a. vl wä c. 'child' 'to build' 'evil spell' 'mashed yam' 'to arrive' operator in relative clauses b. fa kpe äson linkun 'fresh' 'to meet' 'fresh water crab' 'millet' *vL Hypothetical forms such as those illustrated in (16c) and (16d) are not possible in Fongbe.

Creating [w] and [ ], respectively). 3). The reason [y] is included in the inventory in (2) is that [y] appears in free variation with /n/ in Fongbe (as well as in some Vhe lects; see Capo 1991). Capo (1991) reports that in all Gbe lects /w/ is realised as [q] in rapid speech, when in the environment of a 182. Overview of the phonology following HI. Since this variant is also the result of a superficial phonetic phenomenon, it has been omitted from the inventory. The last phonetic variant of the system to be discussed is [r].

28) /fosi/ -> /sikuTi/ -» [fos ] 'force' (from French force) [sukulu] 'school' (from English school) The epenthetic HI in the reduplication prefix is also affected by vowel harmony. This can vary across lects. As noted in Capo (1991: 132), in Maxi and Agbome lects, HI is realised as [u] whenever the first vowel of the radical is round. In Gun lects, only the presence of the round high vowel /u/ in the radical will trigger vowel harmony. These variations are shown in (29). s£ Gun γ£γ// siso φφ sls£ Finally, vowel harmony applies to words derived by means of the diminutive suffix (see Brillon—Brousseau 1986).

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