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But although I agree that it would be bizarre for a metaphysical realist to hold an epistemic conception of truth or any other conception that makes the truth of a statement to consist in something other than what the statement is about being as the statement says it is, I will abstract my “independent reality” realism from issues of truth in this discussion. Finally, in recent decades realism has been frequently associated with physicalism and with a causal theory of reference. I can set aside these entanglements with greater enthusiasm than the first two, since although I am enthusiastic about independence realism, I hold no brief for either physicalism or a causal theory of reference.

Alston by the objective facts. Those who are strongly committed to a traditional metaphysical project will, no doubt, insist that there are unique facts of the matter as to which of the competing positions have it right (if, indeed, any of them do), whether we can definitively show this to be the case or not. To go properly into this issue I would have to undertake a thorough discussion of the epistemology and methodology of metaphysics. And there is no room for that in this essay. I only have space to make one comment.

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