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By Eric Forsta Thacher

This fascinating primer on sun Racing actually starts off from the floor up, describing how the interactions of a car with its setting circumscribe its final luck, from aerodynamics to resistance and propulsion. through demonstrating the way to mathematically version those underlying actual phenomena, the writer is helping sun racing opponents conscientiously choose key features of the motor vehicle, reminiscent of weight and form, to provide optimum pace. strength conversion and insist are given specific recognition, via chapters dedicated to studying sun racers’ layout, manufacture and trying out utilizing a based problem-solving approach to maintain initiatives on course and on time table. A bankruptcy dedicated to power administration techniques presents useful pointers on maximizing general pace in the course of a race. advanced matters comparable to air flow method research and function simulation are coated in committed appendices. The monetary element of venture layout isn't really missed, as either fund-raising and price estimation are given in-depth consideration.

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16 2 Interactions with the Atmosphere and Road Fig. 5 Effect of streamlining The velocity gradient at the surface in separated zones is small and therefore so is the shear force. However, streamlining may add to the external area that contributes to friction drag because, by filling in the areas having more abrupt slope changes, streamlining increases the component of surface area parallel to the direction of motion. Thus, there would seem to be a trade-off between pressure and friction drag. But separation usually dominates the drag from external flow (Hucho 1983).

17 on a horizontal road. For the car under study, these dimensionless speeds translate to 9–51 kph (about 6–32 mph) and 60–146 kph (about 37–91 mph), respectively. Strategic Decision What goes up must come down, at least eventually. 14 The Only some of the energy expended is recoverable because of the losses in the battery and the drive.  5, Electric Motor Drives. 14 32 2 Interactions with the Atmosphere and Road racing team must decide whether to return a portion of the energy to the battery through regeneration (running the motor as a generator) or to use it all to gain speed.

1997) Road load measurement and dynamometer simulation using coastdown techniques. SAE J1263 Feb. 531). Sherman, F. S. (1990). Viscous flow. New York: McGraw-Hill. Steeds, W. (1960). Mechanics of road vehicles. London: Iliffe and Sons, Ltd. Storey, J. W. , Schinckel, A. E. , & Kyle, C. R. (1993). Solar racing cars. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. White, F. M. (1986). Fluid mechanics. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 1 Introduction This chapter focuses on three topics. First, how to estimate the rate at which solar energy strikes a planar surface, such as a solar cell, oriented at some position with respect to the sun, at a given time and location on the earth is explained.

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