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By Lesslie Newbigin

Presently ahead of he died in February 1998, Lesslie Newbigin recorded a sequence of 8 15-minute talks, pitched at a favored point and entitled "A stroll during the Bible". This quantity collects the 8 talks.

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The work is done. The prince of this world is cast out. And Jesus bows his head and gives up his spirit. This is the victory that overcomes the worldhow it is, and how it has been seen to be, will be the subject of our next chapter. html[21/04/11 12:58:30 PM] next page > page_69 < previous page page_69 next page > Page 69 So Jesus has been crucified, is dead and has been buried. To his contemporaries it must have seemed that this was just one more failed revolution, one more nail in the coffin of Jewish hopes for the kingdom of God.

Death and Victory And so he leads them down that long flight of stepswhich is still there todayinto the garden of Gethsemane. ' And Jesus in that final agony masters all the doubts and temptations that could assail him and surrenders himself to his father's will. And when he goes up those steps again it is without the disciples for they have panicked and fled. It is as a prisoner to be tried and condemned. html[21/04/11 12:58:28 PM] next page > page_64 < previous page page_64 next page > Page 64 Caiaphas and Pilate.

Every devout Jew knows that God reigns! It's what he sings in the temple every sabbath. ' 'But where is it? '' 'You don't see it because you are looking the wrong way. You are expecting something different. Turn round, repent and come with me. html[21/04/11 12:58:21 PM] next page > page_53 < previous page page_53 next page > Page 53 Because the truth is that Jesus himself is the presence of the kingdom. The kingdom is not a new political regime. It is not a new programme. It is not a new ideology.

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