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I've written A 12 months With Symfony for you, a developer who will paintings with Symfony2 for greater than a month (and most likely greater than a year). you could have all started interpreting your approach in the course of the reputable documentation ("The Book"), the cookbook, a few blogs, or a web instructional. you recognize now find out how to create a Symfony2 software, with routing, controllers, entities or records, Twig templates and perhaps a few unit checks. yet after those simple steps, a few matters will increase about...

- The reusability of your code - How when you constitution your code to make it reusable in a destiny venture? or perhaps within the related undertaking, yet with a special view or in a console command?

- the standard of the inner API you have got knowingly or unknowingly created - What are you able to do to make sure that your staff individuals will comprehend your code, and may use it within the approach it was once intended for use? how are you going to make your code versatile adequate for use in events such as the single you wrote it for?

- the extent of protection of your program - Symfony2 and Doctrine appear to immediately make you invulnerable for famous assaults in your net software, like XSS, CSRF and SQL injection assaults. yet are you able to thoroughly depend upon the framework? And what steps if you happen to take to mend a number of the ultimate issues?

- the interior workings of Symfony2 - in the event you take one step farther from growing simply controllers and perspectives, you'll soon want to know extra in regards to the HttpKernel that is the center of a Symfony2 software. How does it comprehend what controller might be used, and which template? and the way are you able to override any choice that's made whereas dealing with a request?

To get a greater concept in regards to the booklet, have a look at the desk of contents below), or obtain a pattern of the publication above.

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Matthias Noback @matthiasnoback

My identify is Matthias Noback. i'm a personal home page, Symfony2, item orientated programming, test-driven improvement enthousiast, dwelling in Zeist with my female friend and son, who's jealous of me due to the fact that i could examine a reveal all day.

In earlier years I've labored as software program developer with a distinct consciousness to inner caliber insurance. Now I'm a contract developer, advisor and writer.

I usually submit approximately a few of the extra complicated Symfony2-related issues on my weblog

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