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By Amy E. Olsen

Academic Vocabulary presents vocabulary construction with a visually stimulating, full-color layout to pique scholars’ curiosity and make the method enjoyable. This appealing, highly-interactive workbook improves educational observe wisdom via educational readings and interactive workouts. Repetition of the phrases and getting the scholars to work out the phrases utilized in a number of contexts improves memorization.

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C hange your environment if you c a n ’t focus. To further make your studying effective, find the time of day that you are most productive. Decide whether you are a morning, afternoon, or night person. Don’t try to get up early to study if you won’t really be awake at that time. Or don’t stay up late trying to read if all you want to do is close your eyes. Understand how your body works by paying attention to the times of the day when you feel the most tired and the most alert. Your study routine will be improved if you pay attention to your body clock.

Clamor : noise :: i. b o o k : chapters 10. p ia n ist: repertoire :: j. acoustics : auditorium Word Wise Context Clue Mini-Lesson 3 This lesson uses examples to explain the unknown word. The examples may consist of one illustration of the word or be a list of items. In the paragraph below, circle the examples you find that clarify the meaning of the underlined words. Then use the examples to write your own definitions on the lines next to the words that follow the paragraph. Lucelia had always been a steadfast friend.

The flora in my neighborhood park mainly consists of cedars and ferns, and the most abundant fauna are squirrels and deer. ” My last romance involved a parasitic relationship— all my girlfriend cared about was my money. I am now looking for a symbiotic relationship where we can share interests and emotions. ” It came to mean in ancient Greece a professional dinner guest who was invited to amuse or flatter the host. By the 1500s, the meaning had expanded to “a person who takes advantage of others,” which today could still be by eating often at someone’s house and not returning the favor.

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