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A veteran machine booklet author-trainer publications newbies on operating with photo records, comparable to these created by way of a digicam, in Photoshop. She presents a journey of the software's paintings quarter, activity shortcuts, a thesaurus, information on Photoshop personal tastes and settings, Macintosh model command equivalents, and on-line assets.

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The section called “Saving a File” in Chapter 2 will explain how to save a file. 2. Click on File. The File menu will open. 3. Click on Exit. The Photoshop application window will close. This page intentionally left blank 2 Working with Image Files When you use Photoshop to create and work with images, you store those images digitally rather than storing them as film negatives or hard copies. So, you need to learn the ins and outs of managing your Photoshop files, as well as how to transfer image files from a device into Photoshop.

REVIEWING HELP FEATURES 15 1. Click on Help. The Help menu will open. 2. Click on Photoshop Help. The Photoshop Help system will open in the Web browser installed on your system (typically Internet Explorer). 3. Click on a topic link at the left side of the window. The Help topic will appear at the right side of the window, along with links to subtopics. 4. Click on the down scroll arrow. The window contents will scroll down, so you can read more or see additional subtopics. 5. Click on a subtopic link.

CHAPTER 1: TOURING THE WORK AREA Hiding and Showing Screen Elements AM FL Y The toolbox and the palettes consume quite a bit of the Photoshop work area. When you’re not using the toolbox or a particular palette, you can close it using a command on the Window menu. If you choose the same command again, Photoshop redisplays or toggles on the specified screen element. ) Review the applicable commands next. 1. Click on Window. The Window menu will appear. TE 10 Team-Fly® 2. Click on Tools. Photoshop will hide the toolbox.

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