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The 1998 Employment Rights (Dispute solution) Act and the 2002 Employment Act search to alter the present face of united kingdom employment legislation dispute answer. Conciliation through in-house disciplinary and charm systems needs to now be earlier than resorting to a tribunal listening to. Alternatively,in dismissal circumstances, employers and staff can either conform to visit arbitration. This publication will support the events concerned to equip themselves with wisdom of those new methods and tactics.

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A similar arrangement would apply for issues relating to the circumstances of the case, as opposed to the conduct of the arbitration, where there were issues appertaining to the HRA 1998. The need to make provision for issues arising under EC law and the HRA 1998, and the related need for the provision of legal advisers, introduced the requirement for a route of appeal in respect of the arbitrator’s consideration of points on these issues raised in the context of their award. However, it was important for the principle of finality in arbitration to be preserved in all other circumstances whilst at the same time protecting the interests of parties who had waived their rights as a condition of entry to the scheme.

Alternatively, the application of ADR principles and schemes as methods of dispute resolution rather than litigation before tribunals is being encouraged and promoted by government. In Chapter 3, it is pointed out that this thinking is not new and consideration is given to Acas’s alternative scheme for ADR in unfair dismissal cases. In Chapters 4 and 5, the new EDR skills and legal processes required are presented. 1 The changing litigation landscape In summary, we are now entering a new phase of legislation-supported ADR for workplace disputes on individual employment issues.

The absence of cross-examination will mean more emphasis on the respective arguments of the parties, as presented in the statement of case, to facilitate definition of the issues in such a way that the arbitrator will ask the relevant questions of witnesses. 3 Impact on employment law and practice Clearly, a changing landscape in terms of EDR and the new skills required will impact upon existing and entrenched employment law and practice. Lawyers, human resources practitioners and trade union officials alike will have to readjust, re-educate and re-deploy their learning, practice and experiences to an ADR method of employment dispute resolution.

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