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Well, let’s get going. Wes, I think you are prepared to help us finish out the planning work so that we can get this into high gear next week. ” Signposts Cremins United project • Vision was clear: Fuse the printing and information technology capabilities and deliver them to all sales channels. • The Project Control Authority was created to manage the project. Key leaders were Tom Stillman, Frankie Alexander, Neil Gottschalk, assisted by narrator Jim “Wes” Wesleyan. The great fear was to get out of control; people and structure were chosen to minimize this risk.

Right now,” Neville was finishing up, “we begin a month of formal planning. By Halloween we’ll have the next set of plans complete, taking the concept document and SOW to the next level. We already have our high-level technology architecture completed and a pretty good sense of what we need to do. We still have to flesh out our mythical users, our first-generation backlog, details of our first 1-month sprint plan, a general sense of the objectives of each sprint plan until our general release, and to nail down some details of the technical design.

We’ve tried a lot of experiments over the past 2 years, some cross-selling training, some sharing of capacity across our groups, and learned a lot. One 22 • A Tale of Two Systems thing we learned is the extent to which our businesses rely on our systems to facilitate the flow of information and the amazing degree to which our systems are built in tight silos, tying each sales channel to the operations that support it. These systems are both technological and procedural, and over the years, it’s become hard to know which is which because they are so intertwined.

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