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Event Compilation #I and #2 are collections of the easiest of the simplest - the journey preserve modules. inside of those pages, AEG has compiled, up-to-date and multiplied the unique adventures using the revised 3.5 d20 principles with new maps, new textual content, and new plot hooks, together with rewritten and multiplied sections offer extra balanced encounters and deeper demanding situations. Even empty rooms were stuffed to make a DM's existence more straightforward! the entire whereas, those books offer a campaign's worthy of excessive event to avid gamers of all event degrees. Written for the revised 3.5 d20 principles. Many new and better maps. 288 pages. experience #I hyperlinks 24 of the simplest unique AEG Adventures retains jointly into one substantial plot thread, permitting desktops to develop from the first to the thirteenth point. This booklet is a must-have for DMs wanting to deliver the nuance of low-leveling gaming again the place it belongs. Many new and more suitable maps.

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BANDIT ATTACK Bandits of an unknown race set ambushes on the way to the city. One of Drahk‘Suhl’s wealthiest merchants recently lost a significant shipment of food and trade goods on its way in, and offers a substantial reward for anyone who can return his trade goods. The bandits are troglodytes taking advantage of the vulnerability of goods traveling to the city. If this interception of the food supply continues, bigger problems can arise. BLOOD FEUD A feud is building between the good workers and evil workers, one which even the Black Nails are hard-pressed to stop once bloodshed begins.

Maimed workers encounter a similar fate. THEOGRECITY OF DRAHK’SUHL HISTORY A hundred years ago, the only things who called the caverns of DrahkSuhl home were ogres living in squalor. When Jin’Zil, a powerful ogre mage, discovered it, he recognized its potential -highly defensible and at the midpoint between the surface world and the Lower Earth. Jin’Zil seized control of the ogres and used them to send slaving forays into the territory of the Svirfneblin. The ogres captured many of the deep gnomes and forced them to enlarge the existing cavern.

This idea could be tailored to the PCs in whatever devious manner the DM desires. A TEARFUL PLEA The PCs meet a dwarven girl named Durassa, who has recently arrived in the city in search of her father. Her father was captured months before, and she believes he may be here, sold into servitude. She is a 1st-level dwarf commoner. The fact she made it this far is a bit of a miracle. She is alone, exhausted from her journey, temfied of everything around her, with very little money, in a city where dwarves are regarded as property.

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