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The bible for the AMTs and plane vendors alike, this reference outlines criteria for appropriate tools, options, and practices for the inspection, fix, and alteration of plane. this can be Advisory round 43.13-1B/2A.

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This defect is caused from the wood being overstressed in compression due to natural forces during the growth of the tree, felling trees on rough or irregular ground, or rough handling of logs or lumber. Compression failures are characterized by a buckling of the fibers that appear as streaks on the surface of the piece substantially at right angles to the grain, and vary from pronounced failures to very fine hairlines that require close inspection to detect. Reject wood containing obvious failures.

Additional drain holes may be required if reinforcement under a skin repair interferes with waterflow to existing drain holes. Make any additional drain holes the same diameter as originals, usually 1/4 inch. 1-38. CONTROL SURFACE FLUTTER PRECAUTIONS. When repairing or refinishing control surfaces, especially on highperformance airplanes, care must be exercised that the repairs do not involve the addition of weight aft of the hinge line. Such a procedure may adversely affect the balance of the surface to a degree that could induce flutter.

11-118 CHAPTER 12. AIRCRAFT AVIONICS SYSTEMS SECTION 1. AVIONICS EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE 12-1. 12-1 12-2. Handling of Components. 12-7. ]............................................................................................................................ 12-1 SECTION 2. GROUND OPERATIONAL CHECKS FOR AVIONICS EQUIPMENT (ELECTRICAL) 12-8. 12-3 12-9. 12-3 12-10. 13-1B CHG 1 9/27/01 CONTENTS (CONTINUED) Paragraph Page 12-11. 12-5 12-12. 12-5 12-13. 12-5 12-14. 12-6 12-15. 12-6 12-16. 12-6 12-17.

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