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Julius Caesar's lifestyles and instance have interested and encouraged generations of individuals for almost 2,000 years. This booklet explores the folks, areas, occasions, and associations that helped outline arguably the main well-known person within the heritage of Rome.

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57 BCE The Belgae of northeastern Gaul rebel against Roman encroachment. Caesar suppresses their uprising. Pompey assists efforts to recall Cicero from exile. (Continued) xxxiii Chronology Year Details 56 BCE Crassus and Pompey meet Caesar in April at Luca in northern Italy to renew their coalition. 55 BCE Pompey inaugurates his new Theater on the Campus Martius in Rome. Having had a special bridge constructed over the Rhine River, Caesar crosses over into Germania (Germany) to carry out punitive expeditions and demonstrate the strength of Roman arms.

The Gallic chieftain Ambiorix ravages Roman forces in their winter quarters in Gaul. Caesar’s daughter, Julia, wife of Pompey, dies from complications in childbirth. Her baby dies not long after. Caesar’s mother, Aurelia, passes away. Caesar commissions and work begins on the replacement of the Basilica Sempronia with the Basilica Julia, as well as construction of the new Forum Iulium. 53 BCE Forces of the Parthian Empire ambush and kill Crassus near Carrhae in Syria. 52 BCE On January 18, Clodius is murdered on the Appian Way in an altercation with his rival, Milo.

He held a council of war among the leaders in his army, one of whom even suggested selective cannibalism as a means of prolonging their survival and their resistance to Caesar. Most regarded this as a last resort. Instead, they kicked out from Alesia those considered physically incapable of fighting (children, women, the elderly, and the ill), as well as the civilian population of the town; the warriors were determined to wait for the reinforcements. Already fending off the refugees, who appealed to Caesar and his men for help and asylum, the Romans soon faced the supremely confident, massive relieving army of Gallic infantry, cavalry, and archers under the command of four powerful chiefs; Caesar, again certainly exaggerating the figures, gives their number at close to 250,000 Gauls.

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