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By Clarence D, and Grace H. Knapp (Collaborating) Ussher

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As I was putting the Bible in my saddle-bag, he asked if I would give it to I left that [ 3 ] IN TURKEY was the only one I had with me, and I might need it somewhere else on the road, I premised to send him another copy. This I secured the next day in Mush from a colporteur 1 of the American Bible Society. Garabed died three years later of cholera, but he left his mark on the life of the village. I found there, when I passed through in August, 1914, a school and a church, the fruit of that night s experience, and a neat, two-story house was standing where the dingy, ruined hovel had him.

For the next sixteen years. CHAPTER IV A GAME OF BLUFF I HAD been Van in but ten days which had begun the evening when my work, my of arrival, was interrupted by the first of dozens of trips that I have undertaken, either on professional errands Miss Elizabeth Bar or as escort to newcomers. Woman s Board of Missions to by the take charge of the girls schools in Van, and Miss Virginia Wilson, sent by the Friends of Armenia rows, sent in London to assist Dr. Raynolds in his work for the orphans, had just left Constantinople on their way via Trebizond to the interior, when Mr.

18 ] IN While we waited we were TURKEY for the Mutessarif at Maden entertained by his secretaries and the who, hearing that I was the judge of the court, American doctor from Harput, sent for their friends to take advantage of my services. " " Certainly, certainly! " Now, will you see my to release the But he made no move prisoner. " Melcone was liberated, we gave him a present, and he went home happy, while the Mutessarif turned his audience hall into a medical clinic and showed us every courtesy.

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