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By Richard D. Atkins

This publication offers the fundamental rules required for the checking out and improvement of inner combustion engine powertrain platforms, supplying the hot automobile engineer with the elemental instruments required to successfully perform significant assessments.

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Predictive Analysis When testing engines, the ability to predict when a component will fail due to fatigue or wear-out is a prerequisite. This prediction can be brought into play by accelerated rig testing of key components; utilizing intelligent design validation test methods, with much attention paid to pre- and post-test strips; examination and measurement of critical components; and the taking of regular samples of oil for further analysis and exhaust gas particulate speciation. These all are valuable tools used in predictive analysis studies.

Therefore, care should be used to ensure that technicians select the correct antifreeze, per the instructions of the engineer and client. This is particularly important when ultra-low emission levels are being measured, for the heat transfer rate through the mixture can affect the combustion process. In addition, the onset of nucleate boiling and effective heat transfer can be adversely affected by incorrect coolant mixtures, making repeat tests at some time in the future practically impossible.

Some obvious symptoms can be apparent in diagnosing breakdown, such as the following: The mixing of the two agents, for example, the emulsifj4ng of oils and fluids as water enters oil systems. The pressurizing of normally low or unpressurized systems as the higher-pressure agent corrupts the lower-pressure agent through internal leakage in the heat exchanger. 28 An Introduction to Engine Testing and Development Fluid levels increasing in the engine systems as raw cooling water leaks into and tops up engine coolant or engine oil.

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